Paul T. Calhoun

Paul is currently an IBM Certified Instructor as well as an IBM Certified Solution and Application developer. He has provided customer-focused classroom facilitation and consulting for the past thirteen years on operating systems and advanced programming environments. As a former Certified Novell Instructor (CNI) and Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Paul has facilitated knowledge transfer on the latest LAN and WAN technologies since 1991. Most recently Paul has been focusing on Java, XML and Websphere integration with Domino. Paul is the co-author of the IBM Redbook "XML - Powered by Domino" and has authored several XML and XML with Domino courses as well as Java and J2EE tutorials.

As the Owner of NetNotes Solutions Unlimited, Paul has stayed abreast of the rapidly changing technology frontier to keep his students and customers up to date so they can make educated decisions on the implementation of that technology for today and tomorrow.

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IBM Certified Instructor - Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Application Development 10/15/2007
IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 8 10/13/2007
IBM Certified Instructor - Lotus Notes and Domino 8 System Administration 09/10/2007
IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 8 09/08/2007
IBM Certified Application Developer - IBM WebSphere Portlet Factory V6.0 - 05/29/07
IBM Certified Solution Developer -- WebSphere Portal V5.1 07/26/2006
IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 7 03/24/2006
IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 7 01/26/2006
IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 7 01/26/2006
IBM Certified Application Developer -- Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software V6.0 06/29/2005
IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5 06/26/2003
IBM Certified System Administrator - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5 06/26/2003
IBM Certified Application Developer - Lotus Notes and Domino 6/6.5 06/26/2003
IBM Certified Database Associate -- DB2 Universal Database V8.1 Family 06/19/2003
IBM Certified Associate Developer -- WebSphere Studio V5.0 05/07/2003
CLI Certified Lotus Instructor R5 08/02/2000
CLI Certified Lotus Instructor R4 08/02/2000
CLP Domino R5 Principal Application Developer 07/02/1999
CLP Domino R5 Application Developer 01/14/1999
CLP Domino R5 System Administrator 01/13/1999
CLP Notes Principal System Administrator R4 01/05/1999
CLP Notes Principal Application Developer R4 03/12/1997
CLP Notes Application Developer R4 04/23/1996
CLP Notes System Administrator R4 04/23/1996
CLP Notes Application Developer R3 08/22/1994
CLP Notes Specialist R3 08/22/1994
CLP Notes System Administrator R3 06/14/1994
CLP Notes Consultant R3 02/01/1994
Certified to facilitate the following classes :
All ND8 Courses
IBM Portlet Factory Development
All ND7 Courses
All ND6 Upgrade Courses
All ND6 Certified Courses
All R5 Enabelment
All R5 Lotus Authorized Courseware
System Administration 1
System Administration 2 (new 3-day format with Troubleshooting module)
Developing Interactive Internet Applications in Notes (IN1)

Domino System Administration
Application Development 1
Application Development 2

Application Development 3 (new 2-day course)
Introduction to LotusScript in Notes (PGN1)
Advanced LotusScript in Notes (PGN2) - (former Notes 4.1 AD3 course)
MTA Workshop's

Lotus Notes Basics
Working with Notes: Beyond Basics
Lotus Notes: Power User
Lotus Notes: Mobile User
Notes Mail

Calendaring & Scheduling (new 1/2 day end-user course)
R3 to R4.5 Migration Workshop

#546 - Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows 95
#661 - Administering Windows NT Server 4.0
#685 - Installing and configuring Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0
#688 - Internetworking Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
#770 - Installing and Configuring Microsoft NT Workstation 4.0
#798 - Supporting Microsoft Windows 95
#803 - Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
#922 - Supporting Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 Core Technologies
#973 - PBS - Core Technologies of Microsoft Exchange Server - Design and Implementation
#983 - Accelerated Training for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
#1026 - Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series - Concepts and Administration
#1560A - Updating Support Skills From NT4.0 to 2000
#1561A - Designing a Microsoft 2K Directory Services Infostructure
#1562A - Designing a Microsoft 2K Networking Services Infostructure

Publications & ConferencesSpoke at Lotusphere 2007
Spoke at Lotusphere 2006
Spoke at Lotusphere 2004
On going Article series for The Sphere
Spoke at many conferences sponsored by The View
Co-author of the IBM Redbook, "XML - Powered by Domino"
TLCC's XML, Java, Rational and WebSphere Courseware
Co-author of XML Academy's Courseware
Spoke at LotusSphere 2001 Session "XML In The Middle"

Non-Certified Courses XML
XML and Java
IBM Rational Application Developer
Owner, Chief Technology Office, Consultant
NetNotes Solutions Unlimited, Houston, TX

Implement Lotus Domino/Notes Server as a platform for the delivery of groupware, messaging, and Internet-based applications. Author of several XML resources, articles for The Sphere and The View technical publications. Speak at conferences worldwide (Lotusphere, The View) on topics including Java, Web Services, Eclipse, Rational Developer, JDBC, Web Development.

Provide consulting/enablement services to companies both large and small.
Certified Netware Instructor, Certified Lotus Instructor
TeKnowlogy Education Center, Houston, TX

Classroom delivery of Certified Novell and Lotus Courses for individuals interested in pursuing industry certification (CNE, ECNE, CLP). Taught courses at the education center as well as at customer locations specially customized to students' needs. Maintained and configured the network at the education center for optimal efficiency.
Curriculum Coordinator
National Education Training Group (NETG): Exxon Facilities Management Contract, Houston, TX

Coordinated the delivery of classroom training, as well as individual training, to all EXXON employees. Delivered classroom training for all Pilot courses (Access, Programming Access Basic, Powerpoint, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office) and monitored delivery thereafter. Supervised all staff and contract trainers to ensure quality and technical accuracy. Analyzed all evaluation material and summarized data to report to NETG and EXXON Management.
Programmer Analyst II
M.W. Kellogg Company, Houston, TX

Facilitated classroom and one-on-one training for employees and clients on PC Applications (Lotus, dBASE, Freelance , DOS, Windows, Word Perfect for Windows, Ami Pro and Excel) as well as VAX applications (Mass11, 20/20, Vax Mail, Dbase IV). Developed Classroom training material to be used in conjunction with standup delivery of DOS-based Personal Computer and VAX-based applications. Provided telephone support for individuals within the company.
Senior Training Specialist / System Administrator
System One Corporation , Houston, TX

Instructed end users in a business or classroom environment to use application software (Lotus 1-2-3, Dbase III+, DW4, DOS, and a proprietary accounting system). Maintained Novell network of 90 PCs, including security and end user training.
Senior Financial Accountant
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation, Roswell, NM

Prepared and coordinated the processing of Monthly Financial Statements for presentation to management using ASK Manufacturing software on an H.P. 3000 Mainframe. Reconciled Balance Sheet Accounts including company cash disbursement account. Maintained company petty cash. Supervised five employees to maintain high degree of accuracy and morale.

Totally Unaltered Student Comments (Honest!)

"Paul was an effective trainer because he was able to answer every question, and kept the class interested. He explained concepts so well that even I was able to understand."

"The instructor made learning fun. Paul is excellent at explaining things and incorporating student comments and experiences."

"Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable of the subject matter and real life application of exercises."

"Paul is the most knowledgeable and articulate instructor I've had in a very long time. On top of it, he makes things fun!"

"Paul was a very effective facilitator and exhibited a comprehensive knowldedge of NT."

"Don't change a thing! Best instructor I have had so far - and this is my fourth ATEC Microsoft Curriculum course."


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