Lotushpere 2007
Here are the slides and presentation files for my Lotushpere 2007 sessions

The Eclipse Workspace (See attached file: Tango.zip)

The slides (See attached file: It Takes Two To Tango-FINAL.zip)

The notes database(See attached file: tango.nsf)

The Web Service client database(See attached file: BP201.nsf)

Creating Web Services client slides(See attached file: BP201.ppt)
File NameCreated On
Tango.zip 2/1/07 12:52 PM
It Takes Two To Tango-FINAL.zip 2/1/07 12:52 PM
tango.nsf 2/1/07 12:52 PM
BP201.nsf 2/1/07 12:52 PM
BP201.ppt 2/1/07 12:52 PM