Lotusphere 2008
Here are the presentations and code databases/eclipse source for the Lotusphere 2008 sessions.

It takes two too Tango

(See attached file: Eclipse33TangoJavaAgentSource.zip)(See attached file: JMP207.ppt)(See attached file: JMP207.nsf)

Best practices in Portlet Factory development

(See attached file: BP202.ppt)(See attached file: BP202.nsf)

I'm writing up a better documented procedure for controlling Portlet Factory objects via the Notes Database ACL Roles. I'll post that code in a separate document !!
File NameCreated On
Eclipse33TangoJavaAgentSource.zip 1/18/08 12:14 PM
JMP207.ppt 1/18/08 12:14 PM
JMP207.nsf 1/18/08 12:14 PM
BP202.ppt 1/18/08 12:14 PM
BP202.nsf 1/18/08 12:14 PM